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It's time to be self-full, not selfish, and take some time to take care of you. Do you find yourself always taking care of others before yourself? Do you find yourself always putting the needs of others before yours? Do you sometimes feel guilty doing things just for you? Well, if you answered yes to any one of the above questions, today is the day to start giving back to you! I give you permission to take some "me time". With Self Care in 3 Days, you'll learn how to practice self care without guilt or regret. You'll learn how to use good food, adequate sleep, meditation, exercise, joy and laughter to refresh, recharge, rejuvenate, and enhance your life to be the best you can be. Don't run on empty any longer. Use the Self Care in 3 Days program to fill up! You owe it to yourself, your friends, and loved ones! Enroll in this program by clicking on the red tab below.

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